Save thousands of pounds buying energy-efficient properties in West Sussex

5th Apr 2023

Energy efficiency is the hot topic in the property sector right now amid the ongoing crisis surrounding rising energy prices and an enhanced focus on environmental issues, so it’s no wonder that energy-efficient properties are within buyers' top three requirements when looking to buy a new home.

With the energy bills rising, the cost of living increasing, and house prices soaring, it is more important than ever to save on energy bills and the like. New builds are very energy-efficient, often have great EPC ratings, and save you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds a year on bills, so they are a great option to consider.

If you want to sell an energy-efficient home, you’re in luck. A home’s efficiency is one of the three most sought-after features that buyers look for when browsing. It is therefore also worthwhile renovating your property to make it more efficient before listing it for sale– it could add thousands to the sale price!

Why buy an energy-efficient home or a new build?

You’ll save on bills

New build homes are designed to comply with the current EPC guidelines. They therefore won’t require much (if any) work in the short term to keep them in top condition, unlike older properties which may comply with standards now but will need a lot of time, effort, and money put into them. Not only will you save by not having to buy a new boiler and other appliances, you will also benefit from cheaper energy bills – the average new build saves its owner 51% on their monthly cost!

They have less environmental impact

Society is finally taking the impact we have on the environment very seriously, and energy-efficient homes are far better for the environment than their counterparts. The popularity of new build and efficient properties has therefore sharply increased recently, which means you will be in a very favourable position if you want or decide to let or sell the property in the future.

In fact, 40% of people now say that they would consider the energy efficiency of their next home – this is up from 22% in 2019. On top of this, Aviva says the most in-demand features listed by people considering buying a new home are: renewable energy sources (27%), electrical vehicle charging points (22%), and heat pumps (17%).

Increased value

Popularity breeds two things in property: competition and bidding wars. Demand for property reached new highs earlier this year and isn’t letting up, with southern coastal locations like West Sussex becoming a buying hotspot in the UK. The value of energy-efficient properties will keep on increasing for years to come, so buying a new build or the like is a no-brainer when you add this to our two prior points; you’ll be lining your pockets if you opt to turn your home into an investment.


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