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We have partnered with The Buy to Let Broker to offer exclusive tailored solutions for seasoned and first-time investors, including options for larger loans, flexible lending terms, and tax-efficient choices. Choose Michael Jones for your next investment and benefit from a team that understands the buy to let market and leverages lenders effectively for your advantage.

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Our buy to let experts bring extensive knowledge gained from years of assisting landlords across the UK. Explore bespoke schemes crafted just for you.

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With us, not only do we justify our recommendations, but you also gain access to exclusive and semi-exclusive deals through our expert market insight.

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Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider a buy to let mortgage through us for your next investment:

  • Portfolio-friendly: Welcoming larger numbers for portfolio landlords.
  • Flexible terms: Interest-only and adaptable lending terms tailored to your needs.
  • Sustainability focus: Discover deals designed for long-term sustainability.
  • Comparison support: We assist in comparing consumer buy to let deals.
  • Larger loans possible: Explore options for larger buy to let loans, including 'top-slicing' for wealthier borrowers and affordability-based mortgages.
  • Tax-efficient choices: Benefit from joint borrower and sole proprietor options for tax efficiency.
  • Inclusive options: Mortgage solutions crafted for non-homeowners and schemes available for first-time landlords.
  • Guaranteed rental schemes: Allowable options for guaranteed rental schemes.

If you're seeking to refinance a property acquired within the last 12 months, we might assist you in accessing the necessary funds through a day-one remortgage.

While many lenders typically mandate property ownership for 6-12 months, waiting may not be necessary.

Although offered by a select few lenders, our mortgage experts possess the connections and expertise to pinpoint viable options for your portfolio. This minimises delays, enabling you to promptly access the cash you require.

A Case Study in Leeds

These clients sought our assistance in refinancing their SPV portfolio of 26 properties due to escalating variable rates affecting profit margins. Facing rapid changes in the market, they aimed to secure competitive rates, raise capital for expansion, and navigate their complex financial profile as IFAs.

Mortgage broker, Chris Leek, proposed leveraging half the portfolio at a higher LTV, freeing up capital for outright property purchases and renovations. Despite the temptation to consolidate lenders, a diversified approach with Paragon, Aldermore, and Fleet was recommended.

Case manager Aimee Cannon played a crucial role, resulting in an expanded portfolio of 32 properties and highly satisfied clients who praised our "exceptional service" and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

A buy to let mortgage is designed for individuals acquiring property as a rental investment. You must decide between an interest-only or a repayment-only mortgage. It is important to note that buy to let mortgages operate differently from standard mortgages, requiring a higher minimum deposit, typically around 25% of the property's value.

You need to consider the legal aspects of letting your property and be aware of any limitations. Assess the rental demand in the area and determine your landlord preferences, such as allowing pets or furnishing the property.

Next, register for self-assessment with HMRC. Decide whether you prefer being a private landlord or using a letting agent and establish the appropriate rent. Once these considerations are made, proceed to apply for your buy to let mortgage.

When choosing tenants, it is crucial to conduct a thorough referencing check, including verification of their employment status. You can also create a list of preferences, such as non-smokers, this can help narrow down your options. Consider meeting prospective tenants in person to better gauge their suitability before making a decision.

A private landlord independently oversees property letting without a letting agent. Beware of unintentionally becoming a landlord, which can occur through circumstances like family inheritance or relocating.

A letting agent handles the property's day-to-day management and legal responsibilities on behalf of the landlord, relieving them of stress, such as handling maintenance or repair work.

To know how much rent to charge you can check property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as the HomeLet Rental Index, for up-to-date information on the rental market. You should also check the average rates in the area so you know you are charging a competitive rate.

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