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What is our No Deposit Option?  

Through our No Deposit Option, we are able to bring you an alternative to the traditional deposit which means you save time, save money and pay less when you move to your next home through Michael Jones.    

How does it work?  

With a traditional deposit, the tenant pays a large sum (average 5 weeks' rent) which the landlord or letting agent is legally obliged to register with a deposit scheme. With our No Deposit Scheme, you only have to pay a sum equal to one week's rent, which is non-fundable. You will still be liable for any damages and Michael Jones will always try to recover any fair end-of-tenancy claims directly. Interested in renting with Michael Jones?

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Step 1

Find your ideal rental property

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Step 2

Michael Jones will refer you to our No Deposit Option

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Step 3

You pay a monthly service charge to No Deposit Scheme

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Step 4

If there are any damages you pay for them at the end of the tenancy