Moving into Mayflower Meadow: Mattia and Holly's story

11th Dec 2023
Juliette Hedges
Moving into Mayflower Meadow: Mattia and Holly's story - Michael Jones

If you're contemplating a move to the picturesque Mayflower Meadow development in Angmering, you're in for a treat. We recently sat down with a couple, Mattia and Holly, who made this very decision. Their detailed account offers a genuine glimpse into life at Mayflower Meadow, making this a must-read for potential buyers.


An Engaging Conversation with Mayflower Meadow's Newest Residents


Greetings! I'm Juliette from Michael Jones Estate Agents, and today, we're chatting with two of our newest homeowners at Mayflower Meadow. Let's delve into their experience.


Juliette: So, first impressions. When you first saw the development, and first came here, what were your thoughts?


Mattia and Holly: Well, our initial visit was a weekend trip down from Liverpool. We spent time driving around the village to get a feel for the area. I distinctly remember passing by the development and being struck by it – it had this exciting aura. The location was a major draw, especially its closeness to the station and the beach.


We were like, "Ooh, that looks nice," and even browsing the website later impressed us. Then there was our first actual visit to the Mayflower Meadow site. It was still under construction and we were all in hard hats – quite an experience! You and your professional team greeted us, which added to the positive impression. The layout of this particular house caught our eye, it felt just right for us.


And it's not just about the house itself – the fact that it's part of a smaller, more intimate estate rather than a large one made a difference. The green space in the middle of the estate was another appealing aspect. It all felt very cosy and welcoming.


Juliette: What made this house the perfect home for you?


Mattia and Holly: The key for us was the kitchen opening out onto the garden, which was perfect considering we have a dog. We're also quite fond of hosting dinner parties, so having a spacious kitchen was essential. We were thrilled to find a kitchen of such a generous size, fitting our price range.


Another favourite part of the house is the living room. It's simply amazing, especially with the beautiful bay window – it's our favourite spot to relax in. The layout of the entire house really contributed to making it feel like the perfect home for us.


Juliette: How do you find the size of the garden?


Mattia and Holly: The gardens here are well-sized, you have a good amount of space to enjoy but it's not overwhelming in terms of maintenance. It's perfect becasue you're not constantly out there tending to it, unless you choose to be. We really appreciate this balance – having enough space to enjoy without it becoming a chore.


Juliette: Moving from Liverpool to Angmering was a big change. What drew you to this location?


Mattia and Holly: The tranquillity of the area was a major draw for us. Being in a quieter place has been really nice. Plus, the convenience of being within walking distance from the village suited our lifestyle perfectly. It really ticked all our boxes. Additionally, the ease of getting into London quickly by train was an important factor for us. And, of course, the house itself is lovely. The combination of a peaceful setting, accessibility, and the charm of the house made Angmering an ideal choice for us.


Juliette: Were the eco-friendly aspects like solar panels a big draw?


Mattia and Holly: Absolutely! We were quite surprised to find that not many new builds offer these eco-friendly features. The solar panels are fantastic for both saving money and being kinder to the environment. Additionally, the underfloor heating adds an extra layer of comfort and efficiency. Another great aspect is the insulation of the house – it’s so well done that we hardly need to turn on the heating. These eco-friendly features definitely played a big part in our decision to choose this home.


Juliette: Moving can be challenging. How was that for you?


Mattia and Holly: It was a bit tough, being in a chain unexpectedly, but once we were in it felt great. Even our first takeaway here was memorable! Juliette: Have you tried the local amenities? Mattia and Holly: Yes, the Indian takeaway and pubs are fantastic, and we love the safe, relaxing contrast to city life.


Juliette: Do you have any advice for potential buyers at Mayflower Meadow?


Mattia and Holly: Our first piece of advice would be... just do it! Come be our neighbours. It’s important to consider several factors: the size of the estate, the quality of the build, and the overall feel of the community here.


Also, a big shoutout to the team – they’ve been amazing. Any little issues we've had after moving in were quickly addressed by the team, including Abby and Mark. Their responsiveness and attention to detail have made the transition so much smoother and easier. So, for anyone thinking about buying here, we’d say you're not just getting a house but becoming part of a caring and responsive community.


Juliette: Thank you both for sharing your journey with us. Your insights are invaluable for those considering a move here.


In our engaging conversation with the newest residents of Mayflower Meadow, we've uncovered a wealth of reasons that make this development more than just a place to live – it's a lifestyle choice. From the tranquil village setting to the thoughtfully designed homes, every aspect of Mayflower Meadow has been crafted with care and attention to detail.


If you are considering a move, think about the benefits highlighted by our happy homeowners. The spacious kitchens, beautiful living areas, well-sized gardens, and eco-friendly features like solar panels and efficient insulation. Not to mention, the sense of community and the excellent support from our team at Michael Jones Estate Agents, ensuring any concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.


Mayflower Meadow isn't just about buying a property; it's about investing in your quality of life. It's a chance to be part of a close-knit community, in a location that balances peaceful village charm with easy access to larger cities. It’s an opportunity to embrace a home that's not just built but thoughtfully designed to cater to your lifestyle needs.


So, if you are on the lookout for a new home that offers tranquility, convenience, and a community feel, Mayflower Meadow might just be your ideal destination. We invite you to explore this beautiful development and see for yourself why our residents are so in love with their new homes. Come, be our neighbours, and experience the unique charm of Mayflower Meadow.


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