Our Extensive and Exclusive Brighton Network

5th Apr 2023

Our research has shown that 20% of our property buyers in West Sussex have come from Brighton and Hove. This of course is not the only city centre that people are relocating from to live in West Sussex, but it is a big part of why we have seen such a large increase in demand in houses across West Sussex.

Nearby, Brighton and Hove have seen a steep rise in property prices, a major development push, and many London residents relocating to live in a smaller city near the seaside. This has resulted in many Brightonians choosing to take advantage of their soaring property prices, sell their property in Brighton, and buy in Worthing where their money stretches considerably further.

Our recent merger with Brand Vaughan will enable us to tap into a larger pool of potential buyers and renters looking to move from Brighton and Hove to West Sussex. Brand Vaughan is Brighton and Hove’s leading estate agent, with over 14,000 applicants registered for properties to buy or rent so far this year.

United we will work together to match buyers and renters from Brighton and Hove with their dream home in West Sussex. Our customers will receive an extensive network of potential buyers and tenants across the South Coast, further strengthening our service.

As well as providing our customers with an exclusive network of potential buyers, there are many other benefits to this merger in terms of staff, infrastructure, and wider marketing and promotional opportunities.

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