Michael Jones' Valuation Week

5th Apr 2023
Michael Jones' Valuation Week - Michael Jones

Michael Jones are pleased to bring back our Valuation Week. We are dedicating a week in March to Property Valuations with the main objective being to provide you with an accurate value of your property, totally free of charge and without obligation between the 20th and 25th of March.

With expert valuers in each of our offices, which cover everywhere from Littlehampton to Shoreham-by-Sea and up to Findon, Michael Jones are best placed to deliver precise valuations in all corners of our area. ​​​

Now’s The Time To Get A Valuation

Here for the second steppers, re-mortgagers, or downsizers, wherever you are on your journey; we understand that knowing the value of your property gives you the power to make informed decisions. ​

The housing market in West Sussex has remained stable, with a steady increase of 12% when compared to the 2020 peak, and the average property price being £456,036 according to Rightmove. 

​If you would like a free valuation, we’d love to help. ​

Trusted for over 30 years, everything we do is dedicated to helping you sell at the best price and find your next home. 

We offer you in-depth knowledge of the property market, but we also understand that your home is unique and only an expert eye can give you an honest and accurate valuation – something an instant online valuation tool cannot.

Give us a call now to talk through your options with one of our friendly property experts!


20th – 25th March 2023


Across West Sussex


We want to ensure all of our customers have all the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their property. Instant valuations are not as accurate as having a specialist visit your property, and having been trusted for over 15 years our experts can give you an honest valuation of your home completely free of charge and with no obligation.

Want to know how much your property is worth? Contact us today!