4 Proven Health Benefits of Moving to Worthing

5th Apr 2023

Landlocked inner-city dwellers are flocking to seaside towns, with Worthing becoming one of the most sought-after destinations. Spurred on by fears of easier COVID-19 transmission in densely packed cities like London, a renewed appreciation for the benefits that seaside living offers has soared over the last year.[i]

In response, the developer at South Street Apartments’ is helping new homeowners enjoy all that Worthing has to offer in a healthier, eco-friendlier, and more accessible way – by giving away a brand-new electric bike with every new apartment purchased in the town centre development.

Marcus Farrell, Empire Construction Group Managing Director for the 21-contemporary apartments reveals:

We know that Worthing is quickly becoming a hotspot location. The coast, big town centre, and proximity to the South Downs make healthy living extremely accessible for those that desire it.

Marcus continues:

We’re also very mindful of our climate changing and wanted to offer residents an eco-friendlier mode of transport to reach the incredible spaces around us with an electric bike which will benefit the environment and provide a healthy and fun living experience.

We’ve personally seen a large influx of people searching for a new nesting ground in and around Worthing, many from highly populated areas. So, what is it that’s attracting people to Worthing? Here are four proven health benefits:

Sunny shores, more space, better living

Aside from the fact that Worthing is considered one of the world’s best sunset locations (overtaking Hawaii, Venice, and Bali)[ii], it provides more health- and eco-conscious living opportunities than a big city does.

1. Larger open spaces

Worthing boasts many large parks, open fields, and community greens, making it easy to find accessible leisure areas. Uninterrupted beaches stretch for miles along the coast, offering plenty of room for people to spread out (and run around) comfortably.

2. Smaller, less dense population

With a population of around 110,000[iii] and a density of roughly 3,350 people per square kilometre, Worthing’s population has far more room to breathe than your average 7,845 people /sq km borough in London.[iv] Fewer people equals less traffic which equals lower carbon emissions, all notable health benefits.

3. Improved physical health

Cleaner air is always welcome, but how about mineral-packed air? Evidence suggests that sea air – rich in iodine and sea salts – can help clean lungs, clear sinuses, and ease breathing.[v] Also, being one of the sunniest spots in the UK helps to boost reserves of vitamin D. Fitness is also easier to stick to. Wide spaces along the coastline and the open hills of the South Downs encourage running, jogging, and walking – much more than drab concrete buildings and tarmac ever could. Likewise, flat cycle lanes adjacent to the beach make a bike ride (electric or otherwise) more appealing and safer.

4. Greater well-being and mental health

Research conducted by the University of Exeter [vi] suggests that life by the sea improves mental health, relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. Known as ‘blue spaces’, evidence suggests it’s more effective at improving mental health and well-being than the fields, forests, and open country ‘green spaces’.

A move to Worthing could facilitate mindset positivity, keeping fit and leisurely downtime. The central town location of South Street Apartments grants you access to all these benefits and makes enjoying them easier thanks to including a foldable Batribike Trip electric bike with each new home.

The Batribike Trip gives you the best of both worlds: power-assisted riding for leisure trips or manual pedal power for added fitness benefits. You can travel a fair distance, too; on a full charge of the upgraded battery, you can reach Shoreham and back along the coastal route, beat the local commuter rush to work or head out into the immediate countryside for well-earned downtime.


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